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The Politics Matters website is a training platform where Political activists to enrich political practices, develop leadership and international standard skills and knowledge to strengthen democracy can achieve. This training, created and tested by experts, will enhance the necessary skills for the political career development of political leaders, empower women and youth to acquire a rightful place in the political process, and assist established politicians to enhance their current skills and advance politically. The trainings will guide political parties to improve their internal structure and processes through participatory and democratic means.

Politics Matters Democracy Strengthening (PMD) is a part of the USAID-funded Strengthening Political Landscape (SPL) project. Organized under the auspices of USAID, the SPL project works to enhance the skills of political parties and strengthen relationships among them. Within the scope of the SPL project, PMD assists international political workers and politically conscious citizens by:

  • To be an effective political leader and to create a participatory political environment To acquire the skills necessary to hold the role
  • Skills and knowledge required to participate in decision making process Consistently inclusive at all levels of growth and party structure In establishing politics and necessary practices
  • Gaining skills for constructive conflict resolution

At the same time the SPL project is internal to the political parties of Bangladesh To strengthen and consolidate political structures, participatory and To foster representative leadership, political parties need the people To increase the skills of youth and women to know and more effectively Works for political empowerment.

Some of the working examples of SPL are –

  • Internal activities of political parties like – political conventions, meetings, Political training, political campaigning is effective and participatory Increase skills to perform; Above all the decision making process Participatory and internal democratic process of parties strengthen
  • Dialogue, Advocacy, Communication and Bringing women forward and women in politics through networking Political empowerment
  • Train young political leaders through the Young Leaders Fellowship Program and training and various political and policy making issues To connect them with the political leadership at the national and regional levels Create opportunities
  • Experienced and responsible through the Senior Leaders Fellowship Program Creating a platform for political leaders of various parties Leaders are diverse by engaging in dialogue and training together Gets an opportunity to discuss important political issues

Democracy International's main office or headquarters is located in Bethesda, United States. Democracy International is committed to supporting active civic societies and political organizations in building a peaceful and democratic world. Through the creation and use of new knowledge, tools, and skills, we bring transformative changes to people's lives through various developmental assistance. For this purpose, Democracy International primarily works in four areas: politics, governance, peace, and learning.


The Politics Matters website offers eight easy-to-understand and necessary courses. Each course module includes video animations, infographics, and quizzes. Each course is designed for trainees with various practical and theoretical knowledge on political and leadership skills. Trainees can easily apply the knowledge learned. Users can track their progress through various assessment processes during the course and receive a certificate upon completion.

There are courses in all subjects:

Democracy and Election Political workers should first know about the development of democratic system What is democracy, why is it necessary and what are the functions and responsibilities of political parties. Democracy and Elections Course How Democracy Works, Why Elections Need, what are the main regulators of politics in Bangladesh and in the election cycle It will provide a basic understanding of what the role of political parties is.

Conflict Mitigation Conflict is a natural reality in politics. Politics determines How power is distributed, resources are allocated and society is governed Rules will be made. Conflict occurs when people compete for power is created The conflict resolution course analyzes the roots of political conflict It provides effective practices for understanding. By doing this course Effective techniques and methods of conflict resolution and management by political activists You will know.

Political Campaign One fundamental process of democracy is elections, where citizens choose their representatives. In elections, political parties present candidates to the public. To do this successfully, candidates and political parties must plan effective campaigns that outline what they will do for the people if they win and present the candidate's qualifications appropriately. The course covers six steps of political campaigning, through which successful campaign planning and management are possible.

Advocacy The work of political parties does not end only on election day. Politicians Constant engagement and communication with the people. This course Politicians to work together with citizens to solve local problems Tells effective strategies. The course is through the Advocacy cycle Helps to understand the process of advocacy.

Women's Empowerment Political parties are the primary means of involving women in politics appropriate structure. On Women's Political Participation and Representation The practices, principles and values ​​of political parties have a profound influence. The Women's Political Empowerment course covers the whys and hows of the political process Committees at all levels of political parties can be made participatory for women Emphasis is placed on increasing the inclusion of women.

Effective Practices of Political Parties A strong democracy requires the internal integrity of political parties Political practice. Parties as internal political processes Governance is how they represent the people and the country It will be managed by its decision maker. This course is internal to political parties To be more democratic, transparent and accountable and political communication Rounro also explains the necessary strategies for growth.

Leadership Are people born as leaders or do they have to become leaders? of this question Democracy has been run for hundreds of years because the answer is to become a leader. A democratic society chooses its leaders who are most useful to the people From that consideration merits planning and more work. This course Gives an idea of ​​what skills are required to be an ideal leader and Explains the essential strategies for building a political career.

Training and Facilitation To maintain effective discussions within the party and in the democratic framework, political workers need to develop skills that can be spread among everyone, especially in the next generation. This training course is designed for trainers and covers skills that will assist political leaders in long-term development. The course emphasizes how adults learn, the differences between giving lectures in the classroom and receiving training, and the skills an ideal trainer should possess.